The Last Jar

It's my birthday!  And whilst we enjoy copious quantities of cake, it is time to remember those that are lonely.  The mincemeat languishing at the back of the fridge?  Or slowly fermenting away in the cupboard to be found next year distilled to a fine homebrew?  We plan to end this cruelty (and avoid the homebrew) by giving you the gift of Hannah's recommended recipe.

Belgian Fruit Cake      

                          - from the Cranks Recipe Book ( a kitchen essential)

4 oz (100g) butter or marg, 3oz (75g) Demerara sugar, 2 eggs, 5oz (150g) self-raising flour, 8oz (225g) mincemeat, Water 1tbsp

  Cream butter and sugar together. Beat in eggs. Fold in flour, then mincemeat and water.

 Place the mixture into a greased and base-lined 8" (20cm square cake tin. Level the surface.

Bake at 170.C (325.F/G.M.3) for about 30 minutes, until well risen and golden.

Cool in the tin.

 Trust me.  It's nothing like a mince pie, so no excuses if you ODed over Christmas. Plus, the recipe recommends wholemeal flour, so if you're still on a New Year health kick, go for the fibre.  Happy baking!