I, Snowman

This week, whilst Humbug gets lost in a snowdrift and Dad and I argue over the only watering can to thaw water troughs, here on the warm and peaceful blog, we're heading back to 1963 and a real "Deep Freeze".

During this harsh winter, the horseshoe weir on the Stour at Wiston froze completely.  People actually cycled up the river from Nayland to see the spectacle.  In the words of Mr. T. (not Humphrey), "Crazy fools!".

We may not have had much rain, but the weir is in fine roaring form so no cycling this year, not even any skating on the frozen marsh.

Thanks to Celia Westbrook for some awesome photos of the weir this weekend, including this one taken in the same spot as our vintage 1963 photo by Grandad.  This allows me to demonstrate the distinct lack of ice without Humbug dragging me down to the water to roll in rotting fish abandoned by evil fishermen.

But it's actually quite a beautiful spot, perfectly captured below.  Celia, I hope you don't mind me sharing these.  We think you should definitely enter the Nayland Village Calendar Competition (details here and in the Nayland and Wissington Community Times).  I believe it's how Annie Leibowitz got her first big break...!