Bank Holiday madness

I spent the weekend working so can take no credit for any of this.  But look!

1) The clearing is complete - there's even electricity!

2) The floor has been excavated back to the original plinth ready for the new soleplate. Plus, a huge bonus is the uncovering of the original floor  - an excellent incentive to keep breaking!).

3) The rubble has been smashed, shovelled, smashed again and redistributed for that rustic farm track look.

(Picture by special request of Mrs H "Arnie" Rogers to demonstrate her hard work*)

And, 4) The happy carpenters have replaced the top beam...

..and are still speaking.  All this means...we were ready for the course on time.

Incredible work!  If you'd like to see what we're doing, come along on 17th June when we'll be opening the doors for our third Open Farm Sunday!

[ * Apologies to the farmers of Dorset for returning a tired (but not broken) vet.  Our Arnie, she's made of tough stuff. ]