Open Farm Sunday

Sunshine, bunting, tea, tractors, cows and piglets.

We had a fantastic time on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who visited, it was great to see so many people exploring life on the farm!

A few photos follow - you may notice they revolve around tea and cake, so you can tell where I spent most of the day!  If you have any photos, we'd love to see them.  Post them to our Facebook page or e-mail us:  You can also enter LEAF's OFS photography competition for the chance to win £100 of grocery vouchers.

The calm before the storm...

Tea time in the lean-to...

Lizzy and Ben - emergency bakers extraordinaire

Thank you to everyone who helped out.  Judith and Leo, OFS veterans, for amazing work on refreshments, baking, artistic direction, mouse-taming, bunting-hanging and everything else.  Tom Gardiner for cleaning, clearing and keeping Dad on the straight and narrow (almost).  The BEMs for clearing, washing-up and persuading Mum to sit down and have a well-earned cup of tea.  Dougie Fryer for sheer strength and turning up to do the farm walk only to be handed a tray of mugs by Mum "because I thought he'd know what to do with them".  And to Lizzie and Ben who simultaneously served in the shop whilst baking emergency fairy cakes, washing-up, egg-collecting, running messages up and down to the farm AND hanging out our washing - above and beyond the call of duty!  We could not have asked for a better team of helpers and we are hugely grateful to you all.

(Oh, and Dougie, erm..remember those heavy iron gates you helped lift off?  Well, they've got to go back on...did I mention we owe you big time?)