All Creatures Great and Small II: And Those Not Bright and Beautiful

Ah, Autumn, season of mist and mellow fruitfulness.  A time when Humbug suffers puddle/mud dilemmas, night-time "stealth rain" periodically knocks out the electricity, as does the slightest tremor of wind, and Water Lane lives up to its name upgrading the farm with an exclusive "moated" look. The very height of Country Living desirability!

The River Stour is on the rise, so we may soon have to take the bullocks off the Marsh and autumn cultivation has been abandoned in favour of spring barley.  However, in good news, the squirrel escaped...then returned with a friend, both intent on making their way back into the covered bin.  Yes, we saw the jungle gym potential, and took it to the next level.  Welcome to the LDF Squirrel Creche.  Are you going away from home?  Work-Life balance leaving you with little "me-time"?  Leave your squirrels with us.  A diversification idea I can't wait to share with the bank manager.

I laugh, yet Humphrey is at one with the squirrels.  Forget 'Tarzana', a baby squirrel once decided Dad's wellington boot was its mother.  Humph was found standing in the middle of the lane plaintively crying for assistance as said squirrel-ette refused to abandon his wellington.

I'm not sure what's scarier, a pet squirrel or the Gollum-esque nutter (appropriate) holding precious.

But in other news, and proving once again I am not "at one" with the animals, following my tweet, Farm Dog was found cavorting in mud, puddles and a lot of onion waste (= stinky dog, avoid at all costs) with BFF from Wiston Mill, Reggie.

So last year it was complete refusal, and this year it's personal.  I am not worth crossing the muddy wastes to reach.  Given the squirrel died shortly after the photo was taken (most probably out of terror), it is proving difficult to blame him.

I shall instead focus on the lovely autumn colours as the trees begin to turn across the  Valley, providing an excellent backdrop to this year's record silage harvest!