Let there be light

But lo, what is that light that shines so bright?

   Form an orderly queue with your gold, frankincense and myrrh, electricity has returned to the barn!  Bye bye extension cables, hello light switches - if I can remember where they are in the dark.  Actually, us children pride ourselves on our innate ability to navigate through a pitch black ex-milking parlour/workshop with its tables, tools and unidentifiable objects of varying vintages scattered across the only route to the light switches.  This kicks in early - survival of the fittest in action.  And let me tell you, it's all about the shuffle.

   It has been over a year since we last had a working light in the barn (it had to be disconnected for the barn restoration), hence the excitement.  Humphrey, chief electrician, was even heard to exclaim: "It really is amazing how much you can see with a light.".  Ironically, light was bestown shortly before a Tempest hit, which removed the power from said newly installed sight-aid, and with the driving rain, curtailed vision and work for the evening.  But nevertheless, progress.

Today, has been all about preparation for tomorrow's potentially ghoulish weather.  We've moved the bullocks inside and whilst there is still grass available, it will have to wait for a spell of dry weather; we don't want to ruin the fields for next year.  So it was through the barn and down the makeshift (but floodlit) "race" of tractors, a trailer, the JCB and the perennial cow-proof wheelbarrow, to winter quarters...

..stopping only to pay their respects to the Massey 65.  At the altar of which they asked for the rain not to hit before we've repaired the gutters in the morning.  Most people think Mother Nature controls the weather, but it's really a Massey 65.

Have a safe, dry, illuminated weekend!