Humbug, Fenton and the Owl

Great start to 2013 with Mum and Dad returning from mending gutters at Longmoor Farm (yep, that's Longmoor Farm Gutters +1, LDF Gutters one fascia board tied on with baler twine) only for the clutch to go - resulting in a sedate cruise in first gear for six miles before pushing the car down the lane to the farmyard.  I'm sure there's a moral tale in there somewhere about leaving to fix other people's gutters. Humbug, the abbreviated collie, continues his selective behaviour, and today's Fenton-esque escapade curtailed our walk but gave me a first-glimpse of a new inhabitant (I hope) of an owl box on a neighbouring farm.

Let's hope they are here to stay (and my photography skills improve)!  A much better start to 2013.