Multicolour farming

The grassland looks beautiful this year, not with grass, but flowers.  A variety of broadleaved plants have seized the opportunity afforded by the limited grass sward to populate the pasture.  Some may call them weeds, but it is a wildlife frenzy out there this year!

Alongside the self-heal and aconites, Lady's smock or Cuckooflower (Cardamine pratensis L.) is out in force on Side Hill, adding a little delicacy to the pasture.  In folklore, this flower is considered highly unlucky, so one to admire from afar!

In the woods next door, an impressive bluebell display is building  - Humbug and I took advantage of this on our way to vote yesterday.Best of all, the kingcups (Caltha palustris L.) are brightening up the river bank, making this one of my favourite times of year.  Without fail, however many floods and frosts are thrown at them, the kingcups return.They may not be exotic or unusual plants, but it is a lot easier to haul water for the pigs and clean out water tanks when there's something pretty to distract you!