Brendan and Brian

Such excitement at Lower Dairy Farm!  Our hell-raising, marauding warrior queen, Bo-bo (the original Iceni nickname for Boudica), was not the only arrival this week.  She joined the less regal Brendan and Brian, our herd accountants.

Brendan is a wing-nutted, Hereford calf.Whereas Brian, does not like to be photographed...

...or to follow the herd.Brian's mother is "affectionately" known as 'Kicker'.

Any volunteers for a spot of castrating?

To recap, so far this year, the calves Bathsheba, Blossom, Betsy, Bingo, Bo-jo (Boris), Brendan, Brian and Boudica have joined the herd.  Cracking names so far, and given this is the year of the 'B', we're hoping our hive will soon be filled with Horkesley Honeybees.

One picky swarm decided not to settle in the lovely hive next to a field of clover and wildflowers (they must read the blog).  Whilst my Queen Bee complex says "How very dare they leave me!", I am working through this by donning my bee suit to sweet talk/waggle dance nicer bees into coming to live with Brian.Perhaps if I dressed up as a giant bee, I'd have more success?

If you hear of a swarm of honeybees, let us know! (  If you see a nutter in a giant bee costume, report them to Animal Control.