Rain and roses

A sprinkling of rain and the pasture is green again.  The cows are happy, and we are enjoying the opportunity to hide indoors between showers.  This week, Dad even managed to successfully dodge the showers in an early morning dash to the grain trader, clearing the bins in preparation for the return of the Mercator...watch this space.

And, horror of horrors, that was his second outing in a week!  Farmer Humph's Day Release also included a little contracting next to Cants' Rose Fields. Definitely trading up.  I enjoyed the opportunity to visit and celebrate in colourful style the start of harvest support season, with trips to Colchester's finest at the Hythe:  Ray at Does, and Industrial Bearings.  Whilst others are sunning themselves on holiday, we spend time reconnecting with Colchester's bypasses.  Interesting fact: the Industrial Bearings building was opened by the most famous bearing enthusiast of all, Sir Bobby Moore.

Fortunately for Dad, the mass of roses reminded him to order flowers to celebrate 35 years of wedded agricultural bliss.  And so today, we travel down memory lane to prove that all farmers have agriculturally themed wedding cakes...Congratulations Mum and Dad!  We're very proud of you.