New Year in the company of...


What better way to end the old, and start the new year than a little guttering. Check out those fascia boards!  We're taking a flexible, non-Gregorian approach to the definition of the year given this particular stretch of guttering was started...well the last blog post I can find is from November 2012, so we'll say around 18 months ago.

The return of the dynamic Longmoor Farm Duo, and a lot of patience-maintaining chocolate biscuits, kept woolly-hatted Gutterman on track through mud, rainstorms, and the loss of Gutterman's secret weapon: the red spirit level.

But, the day you've been waiting for has arrived...the gutter is flowing.  Monumental news.  Gutterman and family were also delighted to introduce Dairy Farmer Stuart to the joys of sheeting sugar beet. (Not a typo.)

Wind and rain are no match for Gutterman.  Before Christmas, our brave aerial superhero worked into the night to replace roofing batons and tiles which slumped in the recent storms.I joined him in the driving rain to sort tiles, but most importantly, provide Christmas cookies and make sure the solar-powered radio remained dry and played calming Classic FM - luxury is never far away at Lower Dairy Farm.

Sometimes, being the custodian of old buildings can be frustrating.  Every extra hole in the roof or similar, takes time away from the restoration process proper.  However, with the Stable once again watertight, preparations are already underway for 2014's timber frame course.  Watch this space for more information.

The end of the year saw Gutterman complete his Soil Protection Review ahead of time - High Five! Gutterman;  further secure the roof of the Pole Barn - High Ten! Gutterman;  and muck out the bullock yard on Christmas Eve...moderate five Gutterman (perhaps high ten for finishing it).

We hope your New Year is filled with health, wealth, effective guttering and not too many unwelcome surprises!More from Gutterman later this year...we hope.