It wouldn't be right to get through the year of 'C', in the Stour Valley, without a Constable.....seen here on the left, or possibly the right, with his sister, Constance

Unfortunately, it has become clear that the twins spent a very long nine months together, and now avoid each other at all costs.  Sharing an udder is just about bearable, but whilst I was hoping for adorable curled up together photos, instead, we have anti-social siblings.Constable, seen here in a melodramatic, artistic funk.  And Constance, proving she is not your typical heifer, but something of a hard nut.This picture makes me want to name them 'Bianca and Ricky', but sadly we are in the year of 'C',  and the naming baton was set pretty high with previous twins called 'Mikhail and Raisa'.  A definite step up from our first, Daisy and Maisy, but Jo is still upset the Gorbachevs did not reply to the birth announcement sent to the Kremlin.

Fortunately, the twins have an ever-increasing pool of alternative playmates.  No 100's large bull calf can be seen here relaxing in the sunshine behind the lovely Clara.

This calf was one and a half weeks late and No. 100 is yet to regain her former barrel-slim figure.  Who knew she could get any wider?  It may be necessary to use a panorama setting for her next photo.

If No. 100's calf is not to the taste of our fussy twins, an Angus cross arrived yesterday to a very grumpy cow who does not want to share, let alone allow photos of her calf.  She was a nightmare for her first calf, good with the next, and is now verging on difficult; which begs the question, why are we breeding from her?  The twins won't be playing with this one for a while!  Photos soon when the hormones have died down a little.

You may be thinking, "..that sounds like an awful lot of calves!", and you would be right.  However, Dad is intent on proving his AI credentials, and we have another two due this week, and more on the way.

Helen and I believe this is Dad's subconscious telling him block calving is the way forward...listen to your inner voice Dad...and pray not too many double up!