Farm to Fork

What's on your plate?


Farm to Fork is about knowing where your food comes from, how it’s grown and raised and reducing the chain from farm to table.

Blog readers will know we are passionate about local produce and we are working with The Angel Inn at Stoke by Nayland to supply beef and pork for their kitchens.

Farm to Fork came about when Head Chef Mark Allen asked if we would supply  beef to The Angel.  Mark had heard about our Nayland Beef from a chef friend in a London hotel in Mayfair.  Mark was keen to take his sourcing a step further and support local, small-scale and artisan producers by buying direct to bring the best local ingredients onto the menu.  So we got to talking and I suggested embracing all stages by getting involved and rearing pigs at Lower Dairy Farm exclusively for the Angel kitchens.  And here they are!  Our three large black piglets surveying the mammoth task ahead; a jungle to explore, snuffle and munch their way through complete with hazelnuts, acorns and burdock roots to excavate - piggy bliss!

We want people to follow the story from pig to plate and engage in how their food is grown and raised.  So step away from the supermarket shelves and get down to your local farm shop and whilst you're at it, pop into your local for a drink and a Lower Dairy Farm steak!  Mark is a genius in the kitchen and we can't wait to see what he will produce from our tasty Horkesley Porkers.