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Back British Farming Charter

British food supplies would run out on 14th August if all the food produced in Britain in a year was stored and eaten from 1st January onwards.

But our farmers are determined to reverse this trend and produce enough food for the needs of generations to come - but we need politicians, supermarkets, retailers, food processors, restaurants and cafes to play their part to let them do their job.

The National Farmers' Union have created a charter calling for a commitment to put British farming at the heart of the challenge of feeding us all in the future.

Sign the Back British Farming Charter and show your support!

All Creatures Great and Small III: No Bug Left Behind

We take a break from harvest news to appreciate a little green friend.Farmers sometimes get bashed for not caring about the environment.  If you ever hear such a discussion, suggest a trip to Lower Dairy Farm to meet Farmer Humph...I bring you: "Conversations from the Combine"

Me [talking through dust mask]: "Why have we stopped?  Is something wrong??"

Farmer Humph: "I'm rescuing a ladybird."

All Creatures Great and Small are loved here on the farm.  I expect a bug escape ladder to be in place by the morning.

Blame it on the weather girls

It's still too wet to plough, and we're playing a waiting game.  Making that wait bearable, our newest heifer.  A full house of girls so far in 2013.  Bingo!Cattle are excellent weather forecasters.  By now, we'd expect every weak ray of sunshine to have the cows lining up at the gate, bawling to be let out to our green and pleasant farm.  But they're fine and peaceful in the barn thank you very much.  The lambs may be gambolling at Wiston, but our bovine weather girls are telling us we're not out of the woods yet.

We are extremely lucky to be in a good position.  Don't get me wrong, we'd rather have the cows out, but last year's weather provided us with enough hay, straw and silage to keep the cows in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.  However, across Britain, the story is one of farming in crisis.  A perfect storm of weather, disease and market prices are having devastating consequences for farmers.  In their own words, it is "a bitter irony" that the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution are sending supermarket vouchers to farmers in need.  There are rich farmers, and there are poor farmers, just as in any industry.  No-one is enjoying the increasing "recession-busting" cuts, but I cannot urge you strongly enough to Buy British and show your support for British Agriculture.

Back to one 'Great British Farmer proud to produce Great British Food' (he likes that title).  When Farmer Humph is not weather-watching or trying out the plough, he's busy splitting one of the Massey 690s.  This is his second in a year, and Grease Monkey Humph is a mechanical genius...which is just as well, because he's got to resplit the other one!So, if there are any Massey engineers out there, who fancy a country jaunt this weekend...may we recommend the Transition Nayland Equinox Walk.  Click here for more information...toolkit provided.