Hedgerows Anonymous

I am a plant geek, so this ash shoot caught my eye whilst out chasing rabbits with Humbug.  As you can imagine, Humbug is always delighted when I stop to take pictures of trees.  Now I know this twig's location, I'll be monitoring the progress of the multiple buds (known as 'fasciation') through 'til summer.  Don't worry, I'll keep those photos for my personal collection. One of my favourite things at this time of year is the reappearance of tiny pink hazel flowers in the hedgerows.  The showy, male catkins are easy to spot, but look closely, and you will find pink female flowers concealed in the buds.Humbug is again, underwhelmed, but when it is grey, muddy, windy or pelting with hail, look out for these pretty little flowers, they're a sign spring is getting closer!