What lies beneath?


(Less Harrison Ford, more sheet metal.)

40 years ago, one man used 5 million nails to create the world's most hygienic parlour wall.  Now, the harmonious farmhands are set to remove it.  Nail by nail.


But what's that?  A ghost?  Am I losing my mind?  Or have we found the missing sideburns (and hair) of this man, last seen milking in this very dairy in 1982...

 Nope, the barn won't give up it's secrets easily.

It's just more tin.  And (more worryingly) water appearing from somewhere.

Just as we allowed ourselves a little hope....another layer, and overlapping, and joy! - another row of nails which are totally unreachable.

But the harmonious farmhands persevered and today, for the first time in 40-years, we have an exclusive sneak peek behind the metal facade...


 Looking good....?

  Join us for a week of discovery as we determine the condition of the timber frame.  Fancy a flutter?  Join our pool and guess the number of mummified rats behind the facade.  And join me in hoping there are no emergency Acro prop situations and more importantly, we don't find one of the child's shoes/clothing/similar that were put there for luck (thus must be put back) but really freak me out.

Forget London, this is going to be quite a week!