Props away!

Back on the farm and props (doors and calves) away!
First up, the mill house is supporting itself without the magical Acro props!
[Don't cry Stuart]
 AND...we've got a door!!!

A proper dairy door with a frame AND a window, on hinges and everything!   (I nearly cried when I saw the door).  And all of this progress is thanks to the incredible work of Richard Green - hiding in the top photo.  The barn looks AWESOME!

What's more, whilst I spent last week on self-imposed PhD lockdown (with a little cow shampooing thrown in for good measure), Dad's even installed new hi-tech lighting in the Pole Barn.

The gift of sight for night-time calvings?  Priceless (once you've climbed over, then up a gate and found the light switch in the dark).

My jungle gym skills are yet to be tested, however, I am proud to announce No. 100's first calf. Easy calving, seriously milky udder, slightly dim and she's my favourite...perfect for an Ayrshire cross!  She is the Chosen One.