Happy Birthday Angelo!

Our friendly, bale tossing, immovable teddy bear is one year old today!

Still as mischievous as ever, he is yet to grow out of following the JCB out of the yard, making sure to stay on Dad's blind side, for a little frolic.  Not very angelic behaviour.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Lower Dairy Farm!  Stay safe in the wind, rain, flooding and whatever else the weather conjures up!


Father Christmas, worry not!  Our latest Caribou calf, Blitzen, joins the elite LDF Sleigh Backup Team. He's brought his friend Donner along too, with amazing thunder clouds rolling across the valley today.It promises to be a noisy evening.  But worry not, good news for Humph's sartorial followers...the woolly hats and dungarees are BACK!  Autumn is officially here!

Triple 'B'

Every mother appreciates an audience when giving birth....but learning the facts of life can be a little much for the weak of heart.In the past week, the youngsters have learnt a lot as three calves joined the herd.  First to arrive, Bathsheba:

Followed by a Mother's Day surprise with unusual ears:It being the year of 'B', we couldn't name her 'Foxy' or 'Photoshop Gone Wrong'.  Fortunately, Blossom  was the name picked using our random number generator (...Humph picking a number between 1 and 13.  Took several attempts and explanation that 14 was not a valid choice).  Congratulations to Lesley Parkins and Douglas Fryer for a very apt name!

And finally, a first-time calf for a giant heifer:

We welcome Betsy to the world!  A good, strong name for a sizeable calf, suggested by Sue Fuller.  Betsy, born in a snowstorm, has decided that she will only sit in patches of snow.

More calves to worry Farmer Humph at the end of March!

Mini Caramel

Caramel's latest addition to the herd, a heifer calf requiring a confectionery-themed name beginning with 'A'.  (And she's too pretty to be an 'Armadillo'.)

And I know you've been worried, so here is your guttering update: It's a work in progress.  Although should the importance of the fascia board to the integrity of the guttering superstructure be explained to me again, a woolly hat wearing gargoyle may be added to the system.

1 + 1 =

Two calves this morning.  Yes, that is how efficient we are (she said, laughing).  Nothing like simultaneous calving - on opposite sides of the field of course, to start the day right. First, Caribou (left), produced a non-reindeer-esque heifer calf.

Closely followed by Tepi, who very kindly allowed us time for breakfast, before producing the latest member of the Carpet Dynasty, and nephew to the lovely Axminster.

Good haul for a morning!

And also, a wake-up call. This is what happens when a calf sees my appearance first thing in the morning...








The horror.