A Sty with a View

The piglets are now happily ensconced in their new quarters - open plan studio apartment (ark) with uninterrupted views across the river to Nayland Airfield, cricket bat willows and general Stour loveliness. Ever considered living in a sty?  I have.

This 'pig's-eye' view of the world shows how perfect the site is for the trio, but they'll have to work for that view.  In fact, once they make it to the end of the track, they add Wiston Mill to the panorama.

To thank them, we generously removed the Take Put found beneath the brambles.  And if you were wondering what this does, Dad's description "You take things, and put them somewhere else...somewhere you forget about them." is pretty accurate.  He's been searching for this for some time, so has taken it...and put it somewhere else.  Circle of Hell right there.

Thank you to Fryers Farm Shop for the huge quantity of windfall apples.  Like ill-disciplined children, pigs like to play with food and are enjoying rolling them under the fence as an excuse to retrieve them.  We believe they too may be trying to get to Wiston to play with Reggie.

With the piglets settling in, we were joined by a festive offering:

Farmers' luck, calving started 20 minutes before we were due to leave for the carol service.  Fortunately, 'No 1's Calf' is a pro and it was born and up within minutes, so  Humph escaped to deafen the dignitaries of Colchester with a piccolo 'Top G' in  'Angels from the realms...A performance praised by the Mayor himself.  It never ceases to amaze us that even after a lifetime of farming, with farmer hands hewn from endless baler twine knots, he is able to play the piccolo so well.  To show our appreciation, when Humph's piccolo services are required, we briefly allow him to practise in the house, before realising this is a terrible idea (Farm Dog wails) and banish him to the barn - all a little Thomas Hardy until you catch a riff of a sea shanty amid the carols!