Real free range pork

*We have sold out of pork, but more will be available later in the year.  Please contact us to register your interest.*

Our pigs live outside all the time.  Come rain or shine, they roam the fields and shelter in a cosy pig arc. 

Their diet is rich in everything they can dig up! with added nuts, apples, pears, greengages, acorns and anything else we forage from our trees and local orchards.  The result is full-flavoured pork with excellent crackling!

Why is free range important to us? 

Pigs want to snuffle, explore and play in a wide and varied environment.  Indoor herds hang up toys to help entertain the pigs, but who needs toys when you've got burdock roots to dig up, trees to scratch against and walkers to chase down the road. 

In 2016 we're planting one of our pig fields as an orchard to provide fruit for the shop and windfalls for the pigs. 

When in Rome...

When in Rome...