Grass fed beef


Low input, slow grown, grass fed beef.  We're a small farm and we raise beef cattle traditionally. 

We're not interested in taking over the world, but focus on rearing happy, healthy (and friendly!) animals that produce great beef for our table and yours.

All the animals on the farm can be traced back to the first cattle brought onto the farm by Grandad Taylor in 1951.  Our breeding cows have names, are known for their characteristics and are very much part of the family.  When we walk into the barn, our favourites come and greet us with a friendly biff.  We believe happy animals produce the best beef and work 365 days a year to achieve that goal.

All the beef is born and raised on the farm and hung for 28 days before being butchered.


Joints & Cuts

Lower Dairy Farm Cuts of Beef.jpg

This fine figure of a cow illustrates the cuts available from Lower Dairy Farm.  We have a wide variety of cuts and sizes but can also butcher to your specifications. 

All beef is frozen and ready-packaged in individual cuts.  There is no minimum sale in the farm shop, so you don't have to find room for a whole cow in your freezer!

And because we're very modern, the Farm Shop accepts Visa and MasterCard for sales over £5.

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